Garrett Howard

Senior Associate

Previous Experience
  • Rubicon Founders, Healthcare Incubation and Buyout
  • Longitude Capital, Healthcare Venture and Growth Equity
  • Lazard, Healthcare Investment Banking
  • Pantheryx, Accounting and Finance roles for a Medical Food Startup
  • The Wharton School, M.B.A.
  • University of Colorado, B.A. in Finance and Accounting

What does our value "Defining Healthcare" mean to you?  

While I was an undergrad at the University of Colorado, I was lucky to get an internship at a healthcare startup, not knowing I had just set the path for my future career. I was deeply moved by the patient stories and looking at metrics that were not just financial but focused on the number of patient lives saved. I was hooked. After school, I worked in the industry as a banker and investor, confused as to why pharmaceutical development seemed easier to understand than basic healthcare services companies. I became fascinated with understanding this complex, interconnected, and even at times counterintuitive industry. I will always try to better grasp this evolving industry. I look forward to building the next generation of companies that enable easier and better healthcare for everyone.

What does our value "Defining Partnership" mean to you?

Entrepreneurs and the folks they surround themselves with at their companies are the ones doing the hard work. It is our job as their capital partner to support them and lighten the load where we can. Every company is a chapter in the life of an entrepreneur and through the ups and downs the goal as an investor is to provide as much value as possible and to be invited back to start the next chapter… and the next.

What does our value "Defining Leadership" mean to you?

Successful leaders see the broader picture and galvanize their team to execute against that vision. Much easier said than done, especially in healthcare. I am excited to work with entrepreneurs to identify where the puck is going, put in place a capable team to move the company forward, and support the team through difficult times to build entities that change the industry.